Hamburg Reisen 2016 – The trade fair for vacation

The exhibition Hamburg Reisen 2016 was held from 17 to 21st February 2016.

The Hamburg Reisen 2016 took place in the Hamburg exhibition halls. The 900 exhibitors presented five days in ten halls innovations and highlights. This year about 76 000 visitors use the opportunity to learn about the different holiday and travel opportunities.

The fair was divided in different areas. In addition to vacation, bicycle, caravans and cruise. The Hamburg car days were also held for the fourth time and were part of the fair price.

The halls A1, A2 and A4 were dominated by camping. In addition to various caravans, mobile homes, there were also a lot accessories to see. Even more unusual Camping Mobile were issued.

In Hall B1 you could check any new forms of „bicycle“. Also an area for test drives became available.

Messe Reisen Hamburg 2016 4

Then I continued in halls B2, B3 and B4. There are various tourist offices have set up their stalls. Even one or the other bus company offered its rides. Those who wanted to look at the German-speaking countries, here was the right place.

Following I visited Hall B5. In addition to international exhibitors and more „young“ target areas there was also a large area for cruising.

The Hall B7 offered a large area for Austria and Scandinavia where there was also entertainment, food and drink.

Finally, on my way toward the exit, I took a short look at Hall B6, where the Car Days Hamburg took place.

Most of the time I spent in the Hall of international destinations and cruises, the rest I have processed more quickly. The area was best dealt, because there where the smallest crowds. Most visitors were rather older and many have taken everything that was not nailed down.

Who is looking for ideas for a holiday, or want to book directly, the fair is the right thing. Personally for me it was not worth. I did not want to take on every stand a brochure or book a trip. Nor was I to tap it free from any pins or bags. Rather, I had the impression that many of the visitors are not familiar with the internet and like something for free. The information that I need for a holiday, I get almost all of it online.

Oasis of the Seas – My Conclusion

Relaxed cruising or mass tourism on the Oasis of the Seas?

The Oasis of the Seas was already longer a dream. I’ve always wanted to go on this great ship, even though I was skeptical because it is maybe too crowded.

But even already after the half cruise it was clear to me that it will not be my last. The size of the ship and the many things to do on board is more of an advantage for me.
You can do so much and there are so many different restaurants to visit as on no other ship. You forget about all the people, because there are so many quiet corners aboard the Oasis of the Seas.

I highly recommend it.

In any case you should visit all the shows that are all on a incredibly high level.

Who likes to eat, should invest the extra dollars and visit the specialty restaurants. For the special evening definitely the 150 Central Park. In a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with great food, the Solarium Bistro on an evening is a good choice.

We had a balcony cabin with a view of the Central Park. Who wants it quiet should be tae a cabin with sea view. The kids and music from the pool is unfortunately quite noisy.

Sure, on such a big ship it’s mass tourism, but there is enough space to make himself his own little dream vacation.

Oasis Fazit

Cozumel with the Oasis of the Seas

Relax on the beach of Cozumel or a all day bus tour through Mexico?

In our working time on ships we were often in Cozumel, and we choose this cruise because of Mexico, so we take the trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. The trip was already booked online from home and was not so expensive. But he was very tiring.
In the morning we went off very very early. Even before the actual breakfast time we had to be in the theater. A restaurant has been opened specially earlier so you could have breakfast, or you chose the room service. In the theater, all the groups were divided up and got the necessary information for the trip. Then everyone got a sticker on his chest and went ashore.

Because Cozumel is an island, we took the ferry over to the mainland. There we where re-sorted and divided into buses. Some drove to Chichen Itza, others to various other Mayan ruins. After a short walk we were on our bus and start the tour. It should be just under 4 hours drive to Chichen Itza. Initially, there was a lunch box for each, with Mexican sandwich, something sweet, a drink and nibbles. Our tour guide tried to tell us the whole story of the Mayans, but unfortunately were all very tired because get up early and the long drive. After about 2 hours, the Guide has stopped his stories and you could sleep in peace.

As we arrived, we went with our guide through the ruins. It was very hot, around 35 degrees celsius and there were really a lot of people go on the site of the ruins. After about an hour we parted from the group because the Guide only told again plenty of stories and we had no chance to look at something on your own, or sometimes to stay longer at some place.



After 2 hours and 2 bottles of water it was already time to go back to our bus. On the return trip the Guide told us again some stories, but nearly all people in the bus fell asleep. At the port, we went directly back in the ferry to Cozumel and there directly aboard the Oasis.
The day was long, tiring and hot. But it was impressive to see these Mayan cities. Who is not afraid of the long journey, the place is just great.


Falmouth in Jamaica with the Oasis of the Seas

What to do in Falmouth in Jamaica? Sightseeing, shopping or swimming?

Falmouth in Jamaica has again countless ways to make your day. Royal Caribbean offers a wide range of various trips. You can go shopping directly in front of the ship. Some offers for food and drinks there as well.


A great tour is certainly the climb to the waterfalls, but we were there before. Thus, we have opted for a little tour to see something of the island. We went in a minibus through the city. The first stop was at a church, and there the pastor told a bit about the history of Jamaica and Falmouth. Then we visited a kindergarten. For some, it was frightening how the children spent the day there. We thought it is not considered as bad. We knew that it is not the western standard, and in some corners of the world it is much worse.

The last stop was out of town in an old sugar plantation. There we were told something about the history and eat some local snacks. Even a rum punch for everyone, where it was more rum than juice;-)

After that the 3 hour round trip was finished and we went back to the ship.

My conclusion: Who wants to make at least a little trip to see something of the country. I can highly recommend this tour.


The seven major areas on the Oasis of the Seas

Spoilt for choice: relaxation, entertainment, pool, trees …… – The seven major areas.

Royal Caribbean has divided the Oasis of the Seas into seven major areas. These 7 „Neighborhoods“ advertises Royal Caribbean, but thats are not nearly all the areas on board. There is still much more to Discover.
The 7 areas:

  • Royal Promenade
  • Boardwalk
  • Entertainment Place
  • Adventure Ocean
  • Central Park
  • Pool & Sports Zone
  • Vitality Spa

The Royal Promenade leads on deck 5 straight through the ship, and is limited by the front through the Opal Theater and rear through the Opus Dining Room. On the Royal Promenade there are many shops, bars and a couple of Dining options. On sea days sometimes even parades or other events take place on the Royal Promenade.

Royal Promenade

Royal Promenade

The Boardwalk is located on deck 6 in the rear section of the ship. The area is not covered, it is surrounded on two sides by balconies, the so-called balcony cabins overlooking the Boardwalk. At the rear end of the ship and the boardwalk, is the Aqua Theater located. On the boardwalk you can enjoy shopping, ice and donuts, drive carousel and dine in the restaurant Seafood Shack or Jonny Rockets.



Entertainment Place is the nightly entertainment mile. On deck 4 under the Royal Promenade, are the Casino, Studio B ice rink and different clubs located.

Entertainment Place

Entertainment Place

Adventure Ocean is located on deck 14 forward in the ship. Here’s entertainment, games and fun for children of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers.
Central Park, not only the green lungs of New York. Central Park is located on Deck 8 in the middle of the ship on board. He is framed as well as the Boardwalk with left and right balcony cabins. Here you will find a variety of restaurants, where you can sit outside in the green and almost forgets that you are on a ship. The Rising Tide Bar makes in certain intervals stop in Central Park to take new guests and go back down to the Royal Promenade.

Central Park

Central Park

The Pool & Sports Zone covers Deck 15 over the entire length of the ship. In addition to various pools there are also splashing areas for children. In the rear of the ship, there is a mini golf course and a basketball court. A Deck higher you can learn surfing on the „FlowRider“ or float with the „ZipLine“ 25 feet high across the Boardwalk. In the front part of the deck 15 and 16 you will find the solarium. The area with pools and relaxing zones are only for adults and includes a buffet restaurant.

Pool Sports Zone

Ein kleiner Teil der Pool & Sports Zone

The Vitality Spa located at the front of the ship on the decks 5 and 6. There you can relax with a massage, go for gala evening hair style or train against the delicious food in the gym.