A successful year comes to an end, that was 2015.

Meanwhile, there are only a few hours until you can say: „That was 2015“. I am more than satisfied with the year and I want to look a little back.

With my working situation there was a change, which unfortunately not took place as planned. But that will change next year, and then that is really great. Privately, I can look back at a more than brilliant holiday. The US West to East tour was really great, I’ve written already one or the other report. The are definitely more, you looking forward to the great national parks.

But now to my blog. End of the year I started to change the design and to go slightly structured to the cause. The whole has paid off and there have come some new readers. I am of course pleased that you read and commented here.

For next year, a few things are already in the planning you can rejoice. Of course I will not tell you everything, but it is a colorful mix of sweet and savory again. The plan is also themes are popping up every month in the blog, e.g. every month a recipe for waffles.

When it comes to photography, decoration and image editing I make more and more progress. This is felt better from month to month. Here is definitely still much room for improvement;-)

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year and hope you also seen here again in 2016.