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Baileys Balls

Zubereitungszeit 15 Minuten
Kochzeit 20 Minuten
Gesamtzeit 35 Minuten
Portionen 35 Pcs.


For the mass:

  • 100 g Shortbread Cookies
  • 150 g white Chocolate
  • 50 g Butter
  • 75 ml Baileys
  • 1 tbsp. Rum

For finishing:

  • 2 tbsp. Cocoa powder


  1. Finely grind the cookies and half of the chocolate with a food processor and place in a bowl.

  2. Melt the remaining chocolate with the butter over a hot water bath and add to the bowl with the crumbs.

  3. Put the Baileys and rum in the bowl and mix well to a smooth mass.

  4. Leave the mass to cool for approx. 2 hours in a refrigerator.

  5. Portion with a spoon about 35-40 pieces from the mass, and form them into balls between your hands.

  6. Roll the balls briefly in the cocoa powder until they are evenly covered. Then place on a plate and let it cool again for about 30 minutes so that they become firm.

  7. Place the finished Baileys balls in a closable container and store in a cool place.