Hollywood Boulevard – you can visit, but don’t need

The Hollywood Boulevard exudes charm because not as one might think.

On the way from Monterey to Anaheim we made a short stop in Hollywood and on Hollywood Boulevard. We want to go the next day to the Universal Studios and for that we had bought the Go LA Card online. This card you can pick up at two locations, one of that was the Hollywood and Highland Mall right next to the Dolby Theatre. So we exit the traffic jam on the highway and had the next traffic jam on the short way to the Dolby Theatre.

But we also have survived this and have parked directly under the Dolby Theatre. I had been there in 2009 and knew what to expect. It has not much in common with the glamor of Hollywood. Once you go into a side street, the experience is something completely different. The Hollywood Boulevard is still OK, but again, you realize that something is wrong. There is no corner where I would stop by long. Everything full of tourists, dirty and the locals are not all so reassuring.

Of course, the Mall and also the Dolby Theatre is well maintained, but all in all I do not have to visit this area again. So we have picked up in the mall the tickets and after that we go a few meters up and down Hollywood Boulevard. In the souvenir shop with the great name of La La Land, we even found German confectionery. The price I unfortunately do not remember, but it was extremely expensive.

This part of the city did not convince me, even after my 2nd visit. On my next visit I spend more time in San Francisco.

Los Angeles 2015 (2)