Falmouth in Jamaica with the Oasis of the Seas

What to do in Falmouth in Jamaica? Sightseeing, shopping or swimming?

Falmouth in Jamaica has again countless ways to make your day. Royal Caribbean offers a wide range of various trips. You can go shopping directly in front of the ship. Some offers for food and drinks there as well.


A great tour is certainly the climb to the waterfalls, but we were there before. Thus, we have opted for a little tour to see something of the island. We went in a minibus through the city. The first stop was at a church, and there the pastor told a bit about the history of Jamaica and Falmouth. Then we visited a kindergarten. For some, it was frightening how the children spent the day there. We thought it is not considered as bad. We knew that it is not the western standard, and in some corners of the world it is much worse.

The last stop was out of town in an old sugar plantation. There we were told something about the history and eat some local snacks. Even a rum punch for everyone, where it was more rum than juice;-)

After that the 3 hour round trip was finished and we went back to the ship.

My conclusion: Who wants to make at least a little trip to see something of the country. I can highly recommend this tour.