Hamburg Reisen 2016 – The trade fair for vacation

The exhibition Hamburg Reisen 2016 was held from 17 to 21st February 2016.

The Hamburg Reisen 2016 took place in the Hamburg exhibition halls. The 900 exhibitors presented five days in ten halls innovations and highlights. This year about 76 000 visitors use the opportunity to learn about the different holiday and travel opportunities.

The fair was divided in different areas. In addition to vacation, bicycle, caravans and cruise. The Hamburg car days were also held for the fourth time and were part of the fair price.

The halls A1, A2 and A4 were dominated by camping. In addition to various caravans, mobile homes, there were also a lot accessories to see. Even more unusual Camping Mobile were issued.

In Hall B1 you could check any new forms of “bicycle”. Also an area for test drives became available.

Messe Reisen Hamburg 2016 4

Then I continued in halls B2, B3 and B4. There are various tourist offices have set up their stalls. Even one or the other bus company offered its rides. Those who wanted to look at the German-speaking countries, here was the right place.

Following I visited Hall B5. In addition to international exhibitors and more “young” target areas there was also a large area for cruising.

The Hall B7 offered a large area for Austria and Scandinavia where there was also entertainment, food and drink.

Finally, on my way toward the exit, I took a short look at Hall B6, where the Car Days Hamburg took place.

Most of the time I spent in the Hall of international destinations and cruises, the rest I have processed more quickly. The area was best dealt, because there where the smallest crowds. Most visitors were rather older and many have taken everything that was not nailed down.

Who is looking for ideas for a holiday, or want to book directly, the fair is the right thing. Personally for me it was not worth. I did not want to take on every stand a brochure or book a trip. Nor was I to tap it free from any pins or bags. Rather, I had the impression that many of the visitors are not familiar with the internet and like something for free. The information that I need for a holiday, I get almost all of it online.

Hanse Spirit 2016 – The Spirits Fair for Consumer


The Hanse Spirit 2016 offered again plenty of choices.

The Hanse Spirit 2016 from 5th – 7th February could, as it did last year, convincing with a great choice. 65 exhibitors showed this year on about 6300 qm² their products.

Hanse Spirit 2016

After the huge success last year, the trade fair this year has been further improved and was easier to achieve than in the last year, thanks to the more central exhibition hall B1.

The ground floor of Hall B1 was equipped with the exhibitors’ stands and 200 seating. The Bistro and the different rooms was accommodated for the tastings on the first floor.

Among the manufacturers there is again a mix of distributors and producers. What gives you the opportunity to taste also special blends of traders not only original bottlings. Also the fair offers numerous tasting opportunities for little money. you can try whiskeys who not exist anymore.

The exhibition is therefore a great opportunity to enjoy rarities for relatively little money without pay for a whole bottle hundreds of euros. The majority of the spirits at the fair is very clear whiskey. But there are not only the classic single malt Scotch, you find also whiskeys from Switzerland or Sweden.

A special feature of the Hanse Spirit 2016 was the Märkische specialist distillery KG, which had a live-firing plant at the fair in operation. There you could find out and experience as a distillate is produced.

A special feature of the Hanse Spirit 2016 was the Märkische Spezialitätenbrennerei KG, which had a live distillery at the fair in operation. There you could find out and experience as a distillate is produced.

For me, in addition to finding new whiskey or other spirits, to try rarities is always a highlight of the fair. Where else you can get so easy and cheap 2 cl of old treasures.

But to find unknown rums, gins or other spirits makes every year again fun. This year there was also again a variety of tastings, but we have seen none.

During the round of the fair one or the other drops wandered into our glass. So there was, among other things an Ardbeg Perpetuum, Talisker Distillers Edition, Octomore 6.3, Clenmorangie Signet, Ardbeg Galileo and a Skin Gin. In particular, the two Ardbeg and Clenmorangie tasted very good. Also the gin was delicious. The Talisker and Octomore could not really convince me.

Last year, we realized too late that some places also bottling the whisky in small bottles to. This year we were smarter and have taken us at the booth of Flickenschild still 4 specialties for home. Each 2cl from Ardbeg Kildalton 2013, Ardbeg Auriverdes, Ardbeg Supernova and Clenmorangie Companta.

My conclusion:

I like the Hanse Spirit 2016 more than 2015. It had more space and seating, which made it really enjoyable. Even the location of the Hall B1 was easier to achieve. There was a mix of exhibitors and great products to get to know.

Looking forward to next year.


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