Eat & Style 2015 in Hamburg

Eat & Style 2015 – meeting place for gourmets

© FLEET Events

© FLEET Events

From Oktober 9 to 11, the Schuppen 52 in Hamburg transformed by the Eat & Style again to the meeting point for all curious and trend-conscious connoisseurs.

The visitors were offered again a varied program with interactive workshops, live shows and special theme world. The countless booths invited to shop, try and join.

With the different theme worlds, there was something for everyone. From a small baking course, through various tastings to the stands of the manufacturers. Admission was 15 € at the box office, in advance you could secure tickets for 13 €.

My original focus was just as it did last year at the small stalls of manufactories. There you could always find a few highlights.

My personal favorite of the fair:


Spice for Live

Great spices from around the world in organic quality. In addition to the normal stuff like pepper or curry mixes, there are also special salts as Kala Namak and whiskey-pepper or smoked pepper.


Luicella’s Ice Cream

Tasty, artisan gelato from St. Pauli. The ice creams are made from mainly local raw materials and no artificial flavors and additives. Delicious!



There was delicious apple juices from unmixed apples. The apple juice is available in 3 varieties of apples from “alten Land”. Elstar, Boskoop and Holsteiner Cox. Each of the juices was delicious, something for everyone.


Juice Dudes

At the both from the two “dudes” we could try two cold-pressed vegetable juices. The special feature of the juices is that they are cold-pressed and are then also not boiled. So all the vitamins are preserved and come into the bottle. All tasted very fresh and you can taste every ingredient out. Since fruit is pressed out, the juices are very balanced in taste.



The highlight at the fair! Almost everyone likes a nutty spread, most eating Nutella. Brandgut are spreads from roasted and caramelised nuts. Those looking for a spread that tastes like roasted almonds, is right here. Tastes like fair for your bread. There are a total of 6 different varieties. Pistachio, pecan, cashew, almond, hazelnut and peanut. The nuts are respectively roasted, caramelized and then grounded. The spreads are Vegan and without additives or preservatives.



An interesting concept is Deliveroo. This delivery service brings food from restaurants without an own delivery service.


Hof Wümmetal

The farm Wümmetal has a Galloway breed and offers pure meat and sausages from galloway cattles. We tried at the fair liverwurst and salami, both very tasty.



This start-up company from Berlin offers organic drinking chocolate with caffeine. For those who do not drink coffee in the morning and need a charge caffeine. The hot chocolate is available in 6 different varieties. Especially now in winter an interesting thing. Drinking chocolate with caffeine are available in cinnamon-cardamom, classic, chili and pur without sugar. There are with edelbitter and jungle cocoa are two varieties without caffeine.



Everyone knows fruit vinegars, but the fruit vinegars from Fruchtwerker are extremely fragrant. They ferment the fruit separately and put the vinegar inside later on. This gives them a very fruity vinegar that you can enjoy for everything. There are varieties raspberry, strawberry, orange, blackcurrant, lemon and honey.



In the online shop Delinero, there are many specialties from all over Europe. Here one finds unfamiliar specialties and can order them directly for a very good price/performance ratio. At the fair you could taste some very good stuff.


My conclusion to this year’s Eat & Style:

The exhibition has grown, but it was not all positive. More small stands and event space are indeed great, but the premises have not become larger. This year the stands of the manufacturers were already quite small. If two people standing there, the people behind can’t see anything. Positive was the unified picture of the stands.

The paths were felt not as wide as last year, which was not really fun at the rush hour in the afternoon. The parking situation was probably again a little tense, but the shuttle and traveling by public transport was again super.

To bring more big sponsors on board is no problem, but the stall from Media Markt was then somehow misplaced. Especially since the whole has not an impact on the price of admission.

The small stalls were personally the best for me. Next year with pleasure in a bigger venue, it’s a little more relaxed and everyone has space.

Here are a few impressions from the event: