Cozumel with the Oasis of the Seas

Relax on the beach of Cozumel or a all day bus tour through Mexico?

In our working time on ships we were often in Cozumel, and we choose this cruise because of Mexico, so we take the trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. The trip was already booked online from home and was not so expensive. But he was very tiring.
In the morning we went off very very early. Even before the actual breakfast time we had to be in the theater. A restaurant has been opened specially earlier so you could have breakfast, or you chose the room service. In the theater, all the groups were divided up and got the necessary information for the trip. Then everyone got a sticker on his chest and went ashore.

Because Cozumel is an island, we took the ferry over to the mainland. There we where re-sorted and divided into buses. Some drove to Chichen Itza, others to various other Mayan ruins. After a short walk we were on our bus and start the tour. It should be just under 4 hours drive to Chichen Itza. Initially, there was a lunch box for each, with Mexican sandwich, something sweet, a drink and nibbles. Our tour guide tried to tell us the whole story of the Mayans, but unfortunately were all very tired because get up early and the long drive. After about 2 hours, the Guide has stopped his stories and you could sleep in peace.

As we arrived, we went with our guide through the ruins. It was very hot, around 35 degrees celsius and there were really a lot of people go on the site of the ruins. After about an hour we parted from the group because the Guide only told again plenty of stories and we had no chance to look at something on your own, or sometimes to stay longer at some place.



After 2 hours and 2 bottles of water it was already time to go back to our bus. On the return trip the Guide told us again some stories, but nearly all people in the bus fell asleep. At the port, we went directly back in the ferry to Cozumel and there directly aboard the Oasis.
The day was long, tiring and hot. But it was impressive to see these Mayan cities. Who is not afraid of the long journey, the place is just great.