Crumble cake – the classic

Crumble cake is simple and always good.   I wondered if a recipe for crumble cake makes any sense. Somehow it is a very simple cake, popular and very delicious. We make this crumble cake more often, because it is so simple and delicious. Simply the...
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Popcorn with Caramel

Popcorn with Caramel   The popcorn with caramel is not as easy to make as the variant with curry, but mega delicious. Those who like sweet popcorn will love this. We do not just sprinkle sugar over the popcorn, we cook a great caramel with butter,...
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Popcorn with curry – hearty Popcorn snack

Hearty popcorn with curry.   This hearty popcorn with curry is sometimes an alternative to the classics salty or sweet. It's super easy to do and definitely something different. With the many different curries on the market, you have a great way to...
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Delicious Guacamole – the classic nacho dip

A delicious Guacamole should not be missing when you eat Nachos.   The last thing missing to the perfect Super Bowl Nachos is a delicious guacamole. Usually this is simply made from crushed avocado, some coriander, lemon juice and spices. We make it...
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Tomato salsa – perfect with nachos

The tomato salsa does not just go great with nachos.   With the homemade nachos from yesterday fits very well a delicious tomato salsa. Of course, this does not only go with the Nachos on Super Bowl Sunday, but also with grilled meat and fresh bread...
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