Flaviar – fine spirits monthly to try {Advertising}

With Flaviar you get every month tasty spirits to try.

Yesterday I got the current Flaviar Tasting Box for February. I heard about it and came across several advertisements of Flaviar. Now I was able to test it once and want to tell you about it.

Actually a box should already come in December, which unfortunately never came to me. I have this already forgotten and last week I contacted Flaviar. According to their data, the package should have been delivered. Unfortunately, I do not know this person, and in our house no one lives with this name.


Yesterday came the replacement, the current February Tasting Box. I have immediately unpacked it and had a very noble black box in hand. Inside I found 3 different whiskeys à 45 ml, a description of these and a tasting guide. Even a few interesting Whisky Facts and explanations what you can see and taste in a whiskey and.

The small samples were tight in the box, so there can not break so quickly. Also the same design of the label, containing all the necessary information knows how to please.

The whole box is not only for absolute connoisseurs, but also for all who want to try something new. So you get for relatively little money 3 spirits to try without having to buy a whole bottle.

Flaviar 5

If you want to try, you can register with Flaviar. The first month will cost € 15.99, from the 2nd then € 21.99. The subscription can be paused, or even every month be terminated. There is still online access to more than 15000 bottles profiles and reviews.

Who has something tasted particularly good, even whole bottles can be ordered online. In addition to the monthly subscription.

I personally like the idea to try something new. Normally you don’t buy so many different bottles without trying them before.

Flaviar 7

The box was provided by for free. This has not affected my judgment and the article reflects my personal opinion.

Foodist Box – surprise for gourmets {Advertising}

With the Foodist Box is once a month Christmas.

The Foodist Box is just the ticket for all gourmets who like to want to be surprised sometimes. The box comes once a month to the house and contains 6-8 delicacies from manufacturers from all over Europe. Plus, there’s a magazine with background information, stories of manufacturers and, of course recipe ideas.

The Foodist box costs € 24 per month including shipping by subscription and has no minimum duration. Thus you can cancel at any time or can simply pause a month. Who’s excited about the Food has the opportunity on the Foodist Homepage Shop to order this items.

Who wants to live as healthy, there is the Foodist box in the Healthy version. The Healthy Box contains health-promoting foods and food trends and can be bought for € 26.90 a month.

The December Foodist box contained Cookies & Cream Fudge, drinking chocolate, Little China soup, Punchy Plum Relish, Wild & Braten spices, pear nectar and chocolate truffles. The mix of savory and sweet I liked very well. I also find it amazing that you can eat some things immediately, and others fit to something what you cook. The quality of the products has been consistently very good and everything was super protected packed in the box.

Surely something does not correspond to the personal taste, but I personally like the concept. You get great new things in the house that you would otherwise not be discovered. With the subscription for the Foodist Box, there is once a month Christmas and you can be very excited to unpack the box.


Dezemberbox 2015 5

Thanks to the non-existent minimum duration of the box, you can get it also only every 2 months. Where you then probably just missed the highlight. Because the highlights come for sure always in the month you paused.

Whoever like great products and wants to be surprised every month, I can recommend the Foodist Box.

The box is provided by Foodist available to me and has not influenced to my judgment. This article reflects my personal opinion and used no pre-made texts.

24 delights in Foodist Advent Calendar {Advertising}

The Advent Calendar for Connoisseurs.

Who still has no advent calendar and looks for some high-quality, should try out the calendar of Foodist.

Behind the 24 doors are delicious surprises. You can find a good selection of chocolates, pastries, snacks, spices or other delicacies. Certainly there can sometimes be something what you do not like, but the excitement what is in the calendar is the most fun of an advent calendar.

The processing of the calendar is good, it is stable and the design I personally find great too. The differently designed doors looking great. Next to the calendar is a small booklet, which you will find a few recipes and some publicity for normal Foodist Box also a list of ingredient for each calendar surprise. This information is not only for people with allergies good.

Foodist Adventskalender.jpg 2

I opened for photographing two door and has been surprised with a delicious Glühwein spice and Panforte with figs and walnuts. Of course I packed everything back and let me “surprise” in December again. 🙂


Who wants to look at it in more detail can do so at Foodist. If you want to order an advent calendar, whether as gift or for yourselves, you get with the coupon code CHRISTMASCOUNTDOWN 5 euro discount on the order.

The Foodist site is only in german available, but you can order the calendar also outside of Germany.



The calendar has been provided by Foodist. This has not influenced my opinion. No pre-texts were used.