17 Mile Drive, there are many great lookouts.

The 17 Mile Drive stand in our program of the day before the sunset. As Napa Valley turned out to be not quite as well worth seeing, we were already ahead of schedule on 17 Mile Drive. We are leave directly Highway 1 and stood at one of the entrances. The 17 Mile Drive is the main street of the gated community of Pebble Beach, is managed by the Pebble Beach Company and costs for a 10 $ entrance fee.

17 Mile Drive 2015 (6)

As the name suggests it, the road is 17 miles long and winds through the mountains and along the coast. On the way there are many viewpoints which are also shown on the map that you got at the entrance. But who wants to, can stand more often, just should not go to the numerous private houses you.

On the site there are numerous, sometimes quite lush, houses and even golf courses. But the most interesting are of course the really great viewpoints.

At the beginning ist is not so spectacular with a view through the forest to the sea. But at the coast there are great corners and the Lone Cypress is probably the most famous viewpoint.


Who ride the Highway 1, should definitely schedule the 17 Mile Drive. It was really nice, but if the fuel display would have begun to glow just before entrance, we would been much more relaxed. If you approach it quite relaxed, you can spend several hours and shoot thousands of photos there.