Baking the christmas cookies and snow outside the window, what more could you want.

This weekend, the first snow has fallen in many parts of Germany. Also here in Hamburg there were plenty snow. It looked some times like Hamburg would sink beneath a thick blanket of snow. But only a fraction of the whole snow has remained, and the next day everything was almost gone.

So does it really well fitted that the baking of Christmas cookies was on the plan this weekend. From a pair of Christmas cookies it become again too many. But since you have this in your mind, that idea and whoosh it became 12 varieties and a modification. Luckily I have the quantities reduced and there are at least not become a vast amount of cookies.

Today there are only a foretaste of what awaits you here every day for the next three weeks. I can only say that some are delicious and others look very funny. Of course once again I have some combinations what nobody would have expected. So much fun to bake.

Weihnachtsplätzchen 2015