Spoilt for choice – Where can I eat today?

In such a large ship like the Oasis you often faced with the question: “Where do we eat today?” One board you can be very flexibly choose any of the restaurants and a variety of restaurants are also included in the price of your vacation.
If you like to eat some very good stuff and ready to spend one or two dollars for it, you get even more possibilities. When you planning this trip already from home before the departure, you can book various packages for restaurants, so save yourself some money and make even the reservations for the good restaurants.

If you plan to dine in the main buffet restaurant, you should be either early or late to avoid long waiting times, especially at noon. Even at a port day, for lunch on board is not so much going on. Who does not love to want to go to the main restaurant, and like buffet, should try out the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and lunch. There is rarely found a queue and the food is absolutely delicious. You just have a smaller selection. In the evening, one of the charged restaurants is of course something special. Who has something to celebrate, or would like to try “Fine Dining”, must do the 150 Central Park. But Giovannis, Chops Grill or the Solarium Bistro are worth a visit. Certainly nobody must be starving on board!

1-2 times in a 7-day trip you should treat yourself to it and go in one of the speciality restaurants. Our highlight, and we would definitely recommend the 150 Central Park. Mmhhh delicious!

Then soon a detailed report on the restaurants.