With the plain numbers of the Oasis of the Seas you get pretty amazed.

In March, it finally happened, a 7 day cruise on the biggest ship in the world, the Oasis of the Seas.
Since Royal Caribbean has announced they want to build such a big ship, I was fascinated by it.
The pure data of this ship have been a marvel and when you stand in front of it, its breathtaking. But if you’re on board, you forget very quickly that this is a ship. Here, the characteristics of the vessel and soon more about the ship here at REISEGABEL.de.

Christened: 30.11.2009
Maiden voyage: 5. December 2009
Length: 361 meter
Width: 63 meter
Crew: 2196 People from over 71 countries
Passengers: max. 6296 
Draught: 9,2 meter
Cost: appx. 900 million US Dollar

Oasis of the Seas Panorama